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My name is Denyse Asher and I am an IVF Scientist working with a highly
experienced Infertility Specialist. We have worked together in Assisted
Reproduction (IVF) for the past 30 years.

Some patients will require donor oocytes as a realistic option to their specific
infertility problem. Due to the fact that altruistic donor oocytes are rarely
available in Australia, we have sought and found alternative options overseas.
We act as a referral base for these units. My role involves the co-ordination,
preparation and monitoring of the couple in order to minimize the stress
related to an oocyte donor cycle. Cost of treatment varies considerably
depending upon the couple's requirements and the options different units
can provide. We have had over 450 babies born and have ongoing
pregnancies. We have almost always been able to find oocytes for patients.

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